“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” 

Vince Lombardi

As more people draw on their personal power to take action and participate in the race against the abuse of children everywhere, the more sweeping the changes become. And through the collective contributions of each individual, the road to prevention is in sight. It all begins when we look into our own hearts, take a stand for what matters to us, and inspire others to come along on the journey.

At RAACE, we believe that each and every one of us can play a pivotal role in putting an end to the heartbreak of child sexual abuse (CSA). RAACE was created in response to the knowledge that child sexual abuse is tragically destructive, far too common, and totally preventable.  Sadly, it’s a silent epidemic — a subject that remains taboo and therefore thrives in the shadows of society. RAACE is dedicated to changing that because we believe that preventing abuse starts with awareness, and generating awareness starts with U. When we join together, we can defeat this silent epidemic and create a better, safer world where no child is ever sexually abused.

Our Mission

At RAACE, we believe that all children deserve a safe, happy childhood. Our mission is to raise public awareness about the prevalence of child sexual abuse, provide access to information and tools for how to prevent it, and in turn, eradicate the epidemic by inspiring others to stand up against abuse by joining our movement.