AIAC Gives Back to Help Win Our RAACE

AIAC Group Photo

For the 4th year, RAACE has received support from the Associated Italian American Charities (AIAC) of Maryland’s 68th annual charitable giving event. The organization, which is dedicated to charitable work and supporting education, held their annual event at the Little Italy Lodge in Baltimore’s famous Little Italy neighborhood on Monday, December 8t. During the event, they presented over $250,000 to charities and student’s in the form of scholarships.

RAACE is extremely grateful for the efforts of the AIAC and its members in making this another great year in The Race Against Abuse of Children Everywhere! After the dinner, RAACE Founder Kenneth Smith and Executive Director Bradley Brickel addressed the crowd and thanked everyone for their generosity and urged them to continue the fight against child sexual abuse. Everyone at RAACE would like to thank the AIAC and its members for supporting our goals and mission in 2014 as we look forward to 2015 and beyond.

Pictured above from left to right are: AIAC sponsoring members, Mike and Valerie Meola, RAACE Founder Kenneth Smith with his wife Pamela, and RAACE Executive Director, Brad Brickel with his wife Betsy Kohr.