Our full team includes caring individuals, businesses, fellow advocacy organizations, the media and communities that care about protecting children. Our core team that works tirelessly to keep RAACE running strong includes our dedicated staff, our passionate volunteers, and our strongest supporters including over 58,000 RAACE Fans, generous RAACE Heroes, and influential RAACE SuperHeroes. If you're interested in joining our team, email us at info@raace.org today!

Our Team

Kenneth Smith

Kenneth Smith, Founder

“My fight to end child sexual abuse began over 14 years ago after visiting “Illuminations” at St. Vincent’s Center. It was this program and the disturbing statistics that would bring me to my knees. Although I began RAACE on my own, our mission to prevent child sexual abuse requires a team effort. Please join our RAACE.”

As founder, Kenneth remains active as an ambassador for RAACE and its mission. He is present at all of the events, participates in speaking engagements, and is an avid fundraiser for the organization. Among his many accomplishments, Kenneth is very proud of being acknowledged as an "Innovator of the Year" from The Maryland Daily Record, in recognition for his innovative strategies to help prevent child sexual abuse. Ken can be reached at: ken.smith@raace.org.

Brad Brickel

Brad Brickel, Jr., Executive Director

“I discovered RAACE as a fan shortly after moving home from Boston to work with my uncle's business when, during an Awareness Event, I was handed some materials about child sexual abuse and what RAACE was doing to stop it. I’ll never forget that warm summer evening at Lincoln Speedway as I watched this wild purple and yellow Sprint Car of Stevie Smith's and made the connection to RAACE. After that night at the track, I visited the organization's website and learned the statistics of child sexual abuse. I immediately felt compelled to get involved, especially since I made my living in the racing world. Kids should be free from the abuse that exists today, and be free to just be kids. Here was an opportunity to help make that happen so I knew I had to volunteer and do my part to make a difference.”

As Executive Director, Brad manages all of RAACE’s relationships, charitable giving, sponsorship, and strategic planning. Brad can be reached at: brad.brickel@raace.org.

David Arist

David Arist, Program Manager

“I began my journey in fighting the epidemic of child abuse over 14 years ago as an original member of Team RAACE.  After being exposed to the statistics of abuse towards children and becoming aware of the societal consequences of this abuse, I felt compelled to make it my mission in doing something about it.  After various life experiences through different entrepreneurial endeavors in sales, marketing, real estate, land development, as well as feeding another passion of mine in coaching college soccer at a NCAA University, I couldn’t be more thrilled in joining RAACE once again in its quest to put an end to child abuse.  Now married with a 16 month old boy and another one on the way, my flame for the cause is as strong and bright as ever.”

As Program Manager, David creates, promotes, and executes RAACE’s fundraising initiatives.  Please contact him with any fundraising opportunities that would create awareness for RAACE.  He can be reached at david.arist@raace.org.

Pam Smith

Pamela Smith, Program Manager

As Program Manager, Pamela creates, promotes, and executes RAACE’s fundraising initiatives.  Please contact her with any fundraising opportunities that would create awareness for RAACE.  She can be reached at pamela.smith@raace.org.

Maria Fuster & Dina Wasmer

Maria Fuster & Dina Wasmer, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)

“A friend of mine from high school first introduced us to RAACE,” says Dina Wasmer. “His lacrosse team is a member of the organization and they wear RAACE’s bold purple and gold to help spread awareness. Having already been familiar with some organizations that help on the treatment side of abuse and having a young niece and nephew I want to keep safe, I was eager to get involved to help promote the concept of PREVENTING it from happening in the first place."

As the organization’s marketing department, Dina and Maria of Incite Creative oversee all of RAACE's marketing and brand building efforts including but not limited to online and offline promotions. They can be reached at: info@incitecreativeinc.com.

Heather Cabral

Heather Cabral, Budget Affairs Manager

Heather handles all of RAACE's Controller duties, assists with client follow up, and helps Founder, Kenneth Smith keep all of RAACE's operational wheels running smoothly. She can be reached at heather.cabral@raace.org.

Anthony Wilson

Anthony Wilson, Communications Specialist

"Growing up as part of the Smith family was very special to me, our family has a unique camaraderie and is very supportive of each other. From the very first time I learned of Kenneth’s charitable contribution to the world, RAACE has held a special place in my heart. After spending several years pursuing my musical dreams in New York City, I came home for a few weeks over the summer of 2016 to contemplate my next challenge. After volunteering for the organization both around the office and at the MD State BBQ Bash, I knew I wanted to commit myself to protecting children. All it took was an opportunity. So when RAACE started the new SuperHero program in the winter of 2017 and signed on The Aberdeen IronBirds, Ken asked me to join the team. I was thrilled to say the least! As Communication Specialist I help support the team's needs regarding our monthly newsletters and other media, as well as manage all aspects of our onsite activities within our huge Prevention Station."

Anthony can be reached at: anthony.wilson@raace.org.

Brian Marchetti

Brian K. Marchetti, Vehicle Donation Program Coordinator

“When I saw the statistics, I was overwhelmed at how high the numbers really are…I had no idea. The more I learned, the more I knew I wanted to be part of the organization.”

As Vehicle Donation Program Coordinator, Brian works to bring awareness by participating in events and manages RAACE’s vehicle donation program. Brian can be reached at: brian.marchetti@raace.org.



We couldn't carry out our mission without the support of our volunteers. They work tirelessly and spend long days and nights setting up for our events, distributing programs, selling tickets, and managing our "Awareness Station" big wheel, all the while with a smile on their faces. We can't thank you enough!

If you're interesting in becoming a volunteer, please email us at info@raace.org.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

We are in the process of building our Board and are seeking qualified, passionate candidates who would like to become ambassadors and advisors to RAACE.

If you're interested or would like to nominate someone to join our Board, please email us at: info@raace.org.