Being a hero to a child is a beautiful thing.

As you learn about RAACE and our mission to end child sexual abuse, you may feel that you want to get more involved.

Perhaps sharing our message through social media isn’t quite enough for you and you’d like to contribute in a different, more tangible way. If this sounds like you, we hope you’ll consider becoming a RAACE Hero.  In this highly visible role, you’ll act as a public ambassador for our cause by sharing important information with others about preventing abuse before it happens, and by sponsoring co-branded events, apparel, promotional items, and more. Through your efforts, you can be a true hero by casting light on the dark reality of child sexual abuse. The more people we are able to reach, teach and motivate, the better we become at protecting our children and at winning the war against abuse.

U can help make the world safer for children everywhere.                            

As a RAACE Hero, your vocal advocacy is critically important in supporting our mission and helping to generate awareness, educating adults and children, and inspiring others to take action.  Please join our efforts today. Contact us for a RAACE Hero Application Form.

U can make a difference.

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