You are in a uniquely wonderful position to influence so many.

As a spiritual leader, your parishioners, staff, and the community at large respect you and hold you in high esteem.

They look to you for guidance in leading a virtuous and just lifestyle. The potent influence you hold can be used to help protect the most vulnerable among us, our children, from the devastating effects of abuse.

Lend your voice to the voiceless.                                                                   

Child sexual abuse is a worldwide public health issue. It happens everywhere, even among the faith-based. But it doesn’t have to be this way and you have the power to play a key role in the solution. Through your support of the RAACE program as a Prayer Warrior participant, you can help generate awareness, educate adults and children, and inspire others to take action. Your organization’s outreach programs, sermons, classes, bulletins and events offer effective means to spread the word about the prevention of abuse far and wide. It’s all about connecting, sharing and learning from one another. It’s also about protecting our children from the threat of abuse through continuous awareness and vigilance. Your ability to empower others to stop child sexual abuse before it ever happens is a divine gift that’s worth sharing.

Together with U, we can make a difference.

No doubt you hold the miracle of life in its highest regard and want to do everything in your power to protect these smallest of angels on earth. Your advocacy for the RAACE mission is sure to bring about some amazing results!

Become a RAACE Prayer Warrior today!