A little time can do a whole lot of good.

Start by completing the short form below that lets us know a little bit about you and your interests. Then, a member of our RAACE Team will get in touch with you to take the next step. It’s deeply rewarding to help prevent child sexual abuse – and it all starts with U!

What do volunteers do

Our RAACE Volunteer program is very straightforward, with roles and responsibilities that are very simple.  You will be a pro in less than five minutes!!

You will be glad you did! Don’t worry, RAACE staff and experienced RAACE Volunteers will guide you when you get there. 

Getting into the game is easy.  There is a Volunteer & VIP table set up on the concourse just to the left of the main gate and to the right of the ticket booth.  You just tell them you’re a RAACE Volunteer and they will give you a pass to enter the park for the night.  Once inside, turn left and follow the purple footsteps down the left field line (the 3rd base side) to the Ferrous and Friends Kids Zone presented by RAACE.  All RAACE Volunteers should be at the awareness station 2 hours before game time.  

Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with RAACE. Please complete the form fields below and a member of our team will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.