Winning the RAACE!

Volunteer and Crabs

We have always said that it takes a team to win our RAACE and after hosting an event like 84 Lumber’s RAACE Night at Ripken Stadium, that is so true! From getting everyone into the stadium, to the giant wheel, the crab feast, the sponsors, the Jersey & memorabilia charity auction and even the game, there are so many volunteers needed with so many rolls to fill. People ask me how we get it all done and in such an effective way. I always say we have an amazing team of volunteers, for which there is absolutely not enough “Thank You’s”.

Over the years, we have gotten smarter and more organized. This has certainly helped with the overall success of RAACE at meeting our three goals. However at an event like 84 Lumber’s RAACE Night at Ripken Stadium with the giant wheel, it all starts with a volunteer committee for the event. As a group we try to plan every detail of the day. Decisions like how do we get everyone to the wheel, finding someone to sing God Bless America, throwing out the first pitch, to what goes where on the concourse, to getting the volunteers, the food, ticketing, and especially the sponsors and their donations needed to pull off such a huge fundraiser like the last one. This is not an easy task…doing more with less is something most non-profits understand and a roll our volunteers fill admirably.

With the landscape of events and entertainment evolving every day, attendee expectations have grown and thanks to our tireless volunteers we have exceeded those expectations consistently. Thus adding to the fun mystique often associated with our program. We try very hard to make our program, the epidemic of child sexual abuse and prevention, approachable and fun. We have to in order to address the troubling social stigma associated with child sexual abuse and talking about this horrendous societal problem.

All I heard for days after our last event was how cool it was, how great the crabs where and how much fun our guests had. As the Executive Director, that is what I like to hear. There are so many moving parts to manage, but the success all starts with the great attitudes and smiles of all our volunteers! This makes my job easy and for that I thank everyone who has ever donated their time and talents to our program.