Brad's Blog: You Say You Want a Revolution?


“You say you want a revolution

Well, you know

We all want to change the world”

- The Beatles

In this day and age, people really have a lot of power. The Internet has been the great equalizer in terms of grassroots campaigns and social movements, mobilizing communities with lightning speed in just a few clicks. At RAACE, our movement to keep kids safe from abuse is growing. Today, RAACE Fans can be found all over the world. Why? Because child sexual abuse has no geographic, cultural, racial or economic boundaries. But we need your help to outpace the silent epidemic of child sexual abuse.

Movements do not create themselves, nor do they create change themselves; movements are something that people create to press for social change. They are spaces made by people to challenge power. So, when does a moment become a movement?

Events such as the arrest and conviction of Jerry Sandusky in State College, PA, can provide the moral shock that social movements need to build their ranks and bring attention to a community’s afflictions. If you ask me, this is certainly a rallying point that brought the issue of sexual abuse to the forefront. This transformative episode helped remake perceptions and forced our society to abandon the abhorrent practice of keeping abuse silent. Yet the problem of child sexual abuse continues at an alarming rate. In fact, 42% of women and 33% of men never disclose their experience of abuse to anyone! For survivors of child sexual abuse, the outrage that followed in the wake of the Penn State scandal is still not enough. This horrific moment in American history must create a sustained push for broader, nationwide reforms in the way we look at prevention.

At RAACE, we know that wherever there are children, there are threats. But there are also effective tools that can keep kids safe. Our movement revolves around the central belief that together, we can prevent child sexual abuse before it begins. We know that the problem and the solution reside within our children’s circle of trust. Our movement must start with exposing the hidden fact that child sexual abuse exists at epidemic levels and is far more common than people think.

So, how can you help our movement grow by exposing this hidden epidemic? We must also educate everyone about the nature of the problem, and that is the reason we have developed the new and its many resources. Finally, our movement must inspire everyone to join us in the Race Against Abuse of Children Everywhere and use their abilities to fuel the power of prevention and help fight this war on child sexual abuse by becoming a RAACE Fan, RAACE Hero and RAACE Superhero. The time is now – U have the power!!! Join the movement.